Things Which Should Be Avoided After Eating

Thing should be avoided after meal

There are many suggestions around us about what to eat and what not do eat immediately after your meals and from that some are really very true and rest are just myths. So let’s expose some myths and present a few facts by listing down by five things that you should avoid after you have had your meal.

1. Do Not Have Tea:
We all know that tea is beneficial for our body but it should be consume after having meal as when it comes diffusing cardiovascular diseases, the polyphenols of tea make you body unable to absorb iron which your body gets for the meal which you have. Along with this the acid of tea obstructs the proteins of the food which you have. Thus this is the main reason that you should not have tea immediately after your meal.

2. Do not take a Bath or Shower:
In order to digest your food properly you need a proper amount blood flow to be stimulated towards your stomach and bathing after having food does the exactly the opposite. It distracts the blood flow towards your hands and feet which affect your digestion system of the food and can also cause to more health issues. According to the experts it is recommended to wait for around half an hour before you take shower after having meal.

3. Do Not Sleep:
Gravity always does her work. It is observed that when you lie down the digestive juices of your body start flowing away from the stomach which causes intestinal inflammation. This is the main reason why the people feel a burning sensation in their mouth only when they sleep immediately after a heavy meal. Along with this it is also observed that sleeping after eating will make you put additional pressure on your diaphragm.

4. Do Not Go For a Walk:
Everyone must know that this is only a myth that after eating meal on should go for walking  for better digestion. But actually walking certainly helps in burning energy but doing it but doing it as soon as you finish your meals only leads to acid reflux and stops digestive mindset from taking in the nutritional value of the food.

5. Do Not Eat Fruits:
We all know that eating fruits are essential for our body. As they are loaded with various health benefits due to this they can be consumed anything of the day but except after immediately after finishing your meals.

Fruits and veggies take time reach at your digestive system if they have been taken after your meals. Therefore avoid them and follow the above instruction and eat right and live healthy!